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Rate your Level of Belief In Your Own Success

Are you wishing you'll succeed or do you know you will? December is a great time to reflect and do a self check on where we stand with our desired level of success. While I never encourage my peeps to measure where they are in comparison to where they want to be, I...

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How I Teach My Kids to Get What They Want From Life

I teach people how to create the lives they dream of. One of the hardest part of my job is having to undo the childhood programming of lack and unworthiness so many adults today have as part of the story they live by. I can relate because much of my childhood was...

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How I DOUBLED my Yearly Income in 2 Months

"How much money have we made so far this year" I asked Diane (my business partner) while standing at the beach on a chilly Friday afternoon mid December . It was the end of a "Next Years planning/intention" meeting with my accountability partner, and I suddenly...

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Detachment and what it taught me (Part 2)

My detachment email seems to have really struck a chord, which has inspired me to share more.... If you missed the quick confession email, check it out here. As a recovering Achiever-holic, I used to be convinced that being productive involved physical work. Being led...

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A Quick Confession

So far I have spent the summer in total DETACHMENT. I completely detached from the pressure and overwhelming feelings of needing to know what's the next right thing to do. Truthfully the incessant DOING and figuring it out had gotten to me! After SEVERAL things went...

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When you think of Manifesting your ideal life do you feel like someone keeps pricking your "law of attraction" happy go lucky filled balloon?  Great parking spots come easily to you and once in a while you attract cool experiences  into  your life, but by golly you...

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The Magic of GRATITUDE

Are you ready to experience the magic and manifesting wonder when you combine Intention and Gratitude? I know the answer is YES!!!!!!!!! Then, Elites lets truly give it our all when we LIVE our beliefs this month! As expert practitioners of the Science of Getting...

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Dead broke

He was dead broke but still managed to pay his bills on time.   CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE REPORT TO BEGIN MANIFESTING IN 10 DAYS or LESS!!

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