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This is where the scientific formula is unveiled . Be sure to begin with learning this formula …

Science of Getting Rich

Welcome to Living The Certain Way!


I’m so happy you’re here! Throughout this membership you’ll find great content to help ensure you manifest what you deserve and desire.  It all begins with the principles in the book Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, you  can read  the content below and or listen to the audios. You’ll find PDFS of book associated with each chapter below or you can download the entire workbook bundled here .


Before you go any further we highly recommend you take the time to read and or listen to each chapter while taking the time to let it soak in.   You will  be  learning a proven system to create “anything” you want in life.


Download Preface/Chapter 1 PDF Here

Preface and chapter 1 audio....

1. Download the PDF and/or play the Video below  of Chapter 2


2. Be sure to write your abundance, gratitude, and evidence daily.


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There are NO boundaries between what we seek and what is meant for us, except those we create with our THINKING.  Keep this is mind as you read this Chapter on Opportunity.


Download Chapter 3 PDF Here


Chapter 4 is FIRST principle and will be the KEY to your SUCCESS


Download Chapter 4 PDF Here

This chapter will expand your mind to see you are WORTHY and your mind realizes the  UNIVERSE desires  you to have more.  

Download Chapter 5 PDF Here


Today you are given another key HOW to create your RICHES.


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Gratitude is the MIRACLE KEY to true abundance.


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Again we will see the emphasis on where we need to keep our attention!


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Chapter 11 will help clarify acting in a certain way in the present while keeping your mind on the future.  

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Today we will be reading/listening to chapter 13 "Getting Into the Right Business" tune into your deepest desires of what FEELS like the right business for you.


Download Chapter 13 Here

As you read chapter 14 on Impression of Increase think of ways you can use this principle starting today.  

Download Chapter 14 PDF Here

“There is no such thing possible in the UNIVERSE as a lack of opportunities for the man who is living the advancing life.”  

Download Chapter 15 PDF Here


Read this chapter to confirm your FAITH in living this certain way especially when appearances are not looking the way you want.


Download Chapter 16  PDF Here


Today we will read/listen to chapter 17 and soak up all the principles as we read/listen to the summary of The Science of Getting Rich.


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Science Of Getting Rich