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Is there a better way to get RESULTS?

The words resolution and intention run together as synonyms in the dictionary, yet they have many differences.

Resolutions do not normally last through the first few months because it is a mindset that must be sustained for the whole year driven on results. We hold on to expectations of what we should be doing, how to do it, and what the results should look like. Which are all derived from the desire to break a habit that has existed for years.

An Intention is a declaration stating that I will be in a possession of an outcome or result I seek; it creates the kind of faith that allows us to know with certainty our desires will arrive. It makes it easy to have no  attachment on how it happens. Intentions are feelings driven vs. results driven.  Once you set an intention; you must then let it go for it to be created.

It is important to realize that once an intention is let go, you must actively live in the present moment for then your intent for the future will manifest. Mentally and spiritually, you must live in a creative space, where all is possible and focus your energy on that in which you would like to feel, and trusting it will be so.

I have found that resolutions take us back into memories and past cycles, when in reality we must live in the present moment to accomplish any such task, especially one as challenging as changing old behaviors.  Setting intentions is important so we can let go of what the outcome looks like; for how are we to know when the future is unknown. Ambition towards one single goal only is unrealistic; for a life lived with open eyes opportunity is flourishing all around us.


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Let’s set intentions so we can be moved forward towards our dreams of changing our inner self to propel us to a new way of BEING; where anything truly is possible.




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