Meet Tasha

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I am like most people, striving to live the best version of ME I can possible achieve! I am a mother of 2, Natasha  and Sebastian . I have many demands on my time including operating a growing International business, managing a household, being fully present and engaged in the lives of my kids, being inspirational and ready to coach others, and create time and space to nurture ME. I am also an author and international speaker inspiring people all over the world to WAKE UP and try some simple tools to help them live the life of their dreams.

I am in love with life!! I get to spend much of my time loving on my two amazing children while inspiring them to create their lives. I get to work out regularly, eat the best foods, treat myself to massages, and travel often to destinations of my dreams. I spend time everyday talking and laughing with my closest friends and sit around and “dream.” AND I am making more money than I ever imagined.

How did I get this dream life? It’s simple. I learned how to create it. Feeling depressed, lost and uncertain, I was tired of searching for ME, and the feelings of low self esteem and lack of self worth only further depressed me. Finally, I just decided I wanted to FEEL BETTER. My deepest desire was that on any random day, I could say to myself “WOW, Tasha, what an amazing, happy, successful, love filled life you have.”

Everything changed when I read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. This 63 page book shook my world and opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at life. Overnight I was on the path to taking control! For the first time I completely believed I could have it all and in an easy and relaxed manner.

My success in using the principles in this book has been phenomenal! I built a million dollar business from scratch in 3 years, won the coveted Franchisee of the Year award being the MOST unlikely candidate to qualify, recognized as a Woman of Distinction several times by Soroptomist International, manifested an Leadership position and International Women’s group. On a personal level I achieved a level of PEACE and KNOWING that is truly priceless to me.

Today, my passion is to inspire others to learn to live in this certain way and create a life full of wealth, health, loving relationships, and happiness. By studying together and offering extra tools to speed up your manifestation results everyone joins the ranks of our global community of like minded people from all over the world.

I invite you to invest in yourself and see how living the life of your dreams is right around the corner. The best part is its easier to achieve than you ever believed. Take a look at our success stories to see how others just like you literally changed their lives financially in other important areas such as health, relationships and spiritual connectedness.

I guarantee this program will help you fall in love with you again and find a new passion for living.

Science Of Getting Rich