Are you wishing you’ll succeed or do you know you will?

December is a great time to reflect and do a self check on where we stand with our desired level of success. While I never encourage my peeps to measure where they are in comparison to where they want to be, I strongly advocate being honest about the BELIEFS you have around what you want to achieve.

For the longest time I struggled thinking success was a result of effort and hard-work, and while I was game to slug it out for life, I really wished there was an easier way!

One day I decided to be honest with myself about how much success I believed I could achieve.
Instantly, I realized it was my level of BELIEF that was in fact creating the Level of Success I achieved.

Your turn, Be HONEST with yourself….

  • I 100% Believe in my unlimited ability to achieve success
  • I waver between belief and limitation in achieving success
  • Tasha, the truth is I don’t believe I can have the level of success I desire.


A strong belief in your ultimate success is more powerful in attracting opportunities, clients, relationships, partnerships that will take you the top, than any business or life plan you could execute.


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