You’re an entrepreneur on a mission.
Big dreams. Big vision. Big love for helping people.

The only problem is you’re not receiving enough money.

You may have a business , but can’t get it to run easily…

Or maybe you can’t  get started.

You used to be excited about your dreams, about your business, about doing what you love…

But now?

It feels more like an endless “to do” list that doesn’t produce results.

Hi, I’m Tasha Chen and I am here to help you manifest your greatest desires using a time-tested program based on the study of the  The Science Of Getting Rich book (written in 1910) and other Universal principles.

With over 15+ years of business experience and creating over 33+ million for my clients over the last 5 years I know that while you MUST take action to BE a success in business, you don’t have to work hard and feel unsatisfied  while you do it.  My mission is to support Entrepreneurs just like YOU to master the art of manifesting/creating in a way that feels EASY and RELAXED with Massive results FAST!

I can’t wait to support  you through the same process and prove that you can have it all; the money, the success, and the life you desire.

Find out more below…

“My initial intention for this month was to make $8,000 in this 30-day period. It was 4x anything I have made in the last year. Evidence: I received a client deposit today that brings my monthly total to $7,216.00 and we still have 3 days to go!!! I am so grateful to Tasha and Diane for showing me this POWERFUL WAY TO CREATE MY LIFE. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.”


I attended Tashas event and the following Monday morning created $57K in sales. For the first time that I have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to support me wherever I need it. She is really much more than a business coach—it’s been life-changing.

Vicki Ibaugh

The program helped me realign with my Prosperity belief, it was truly a magical experience for me and by the end I had generated $29,892.00

Lisa Montgomery

Enhance your belief in your natural ability to create success, by acquiring the knowledge of the Universal principles that creates results  for you and then practicing them  effectively so you can  take back control of your life.


Worry and Uncertainty about the future—GONE! And constant struggle and working hard forever reduced as your learn instead how to align to your own power to attract and create the results you desire.


Save your Sanity – we get it; there is nothing more maddening that wanting something in life (financial freedom, success, time for family, a vacation) and NOT knowing how to get it! With the tools and process we teach plus the support we offer, you will regain peace of mind and the KNOWING of exactly how to get what you want in life and business.


Improve your finances and over-all quality of life once we teach you how to develop a wealth consciousness that has you creating and attracting money into your life and business.


Gain increased Momentum as results begin accelerating from the inspiration you feel to take action, and you’ll experience Renewed Energy – Having released the weight of worry and fear, new energy to be creative, resourceful and take action becomes available.



Science Of Getting Rich