.Just after beginning to work with Tasha the following Monday morning I created $57K in sales. For the first time that I have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to support me wherever I need it.   I have gone on to create over 7 figures all in easy and relaxed way!!


Vicki Ibaugh

This Spring I was tasked by my CEO to increase my number of project proposals to $400K. I was very stressed out and doubtful that I could make that happen this year. When I shared this with Tasha and Diane they reminded be to stay in a place of FAITH and GRATITUDE and let go and let God. My skeptical brain immediately thought ‘easy for you to say’ but Diane reminded me that I had to let God handle all things in my life, both the little things and the big things. They stresses stay in gratitude that what you want is already yours, just give thanks and don’t be tied to the outcome”. That is when it really clicked for me. I thanked God that only He can make the impossible, possible and I became focused on journaling my gratitude for new clients and increase in proposals. Well the evidence that SOGR works is that I was giving a talk at conference in NY and the woman who introduced me to the stage has since become a client to the tune of $140K. Another proposal I wrote for $55K is now a client and I have $45K plus other proposals pending. Good energy vibrations on full blast!!!! ProfoundlyGrateful!!


Faith James

Within 30 days of beginning program, just by doing what  Tasha taught I received a $6 MILLION DOLLAR contract I had been attempting to close for 6 years!  She is the real deal!!



During this journey, I have attracted the ideal HIGHER paying and FLEXIBLE job just when i needed it, invited to be recorded on TBN for national viewing singing praises to God, created CDS and video of my music, and been asked by an Ambassador to the United Nations to create a SONG for the NATIONS! WOW! Just a few months ago, it never even occurred to me how to journal and set intentions. …I feel so rich…like a super star!!! Get ready world…. here I come!! So excited! Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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