“How much money have we made so far this year” I asked Diane (my business partner) while standing at the beach on a chilly Friday afternoon mid December .

It was the end of a “Next Years planning/intention” meeting with my accountability partner, and I suddenly realized, I had made improvement plans for several areas in my business but had given no thought to how much money I wanted to make in the upcoming year.

By asking that one question I now had an exact starting point from which to aim higher. Immediately my next thought was I want to quadruple that next year!  Hey, I always GO FOR IT!

My secret is, I BELIEVE I can have anything I want and I stay detached about “how” it has to happen. In the first two months of the new year  I earned double our last years  income and to date I am pretty close to the quadruple mark.

Since I proved it can work, I want the same for you.


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What will you create this month?

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