I teach people how to create the lives they dream of.

One of the hardest part of my job is having to undo the childhood programming of lack and unworthiness so many adults today have as part of the story they live by. I can relate because much of my childhood was programmed with “you have to work hard for success” or “if you don’t work hard you will never do well in life.” These were people I loved and trusted and took their word for these “truths” they were placing in my youthful and impressive mind.

The work to undo some of these beliefs can be at times instant and in most cases take a committed effort over a long period of time. I see firsthand the challenges these beliefs create as people over and over have undesired experiences in their lives and feel trapped by a mind filled with thoughts working against them.

As a MOM, I made it my mission to teach my kids how to create ANYTHING they want in life. And that the hard work they would have to do was to constantly remind themselves just how powerful they are!

Some common statements in my house
1. “Mom my intention is ……”
2. “Mom you won’t believe what I manifested today!”
3. “Money comes easily to me and I am money magnet”
4. “My intention is to get all A’s easily this year.”
5. “Mom I am going to visualize it”

My 3 Step Process for Creating Super Manifestors!

1. I practice what I preach. They watch and listen to everything I do! Knowing that I always speak positively around them and engage in conversations about how we can all create with our powerful minds. They see me always creating and I engage them in supporting me when I have BIG intentions I am manifesting.

2. I encourage them to create their desires first with Intention. They journal, do vision boards, set intentions, say affirmations and encourage their friends to speak in the positive around them.

3. I am always looking for “proof” (we call it evidence) of how they manifested something they desire. Constantly showing them how powerful they are makes them believe and want to keep creating and using their super power.

* These kids will grow up knowing they can have, be, do anything they want in life because that’s why they are here to have a joyful and abundant life experience.

How can you influence a child to believe in their super powers?

Sample BIG-Deal things they manifested this year.

My daughter’s flag football team wins the District Championship game (after losing 3 years in a row). She did a ton of journaling, visualizing and intending to pull this one off…(and her and the team played had too!!)

My Son, really wanted a big recognition during his last year of Elementary school and 4 weeks before the school year ended found out he had won a medal and CASH for being the top writer in our County in a writing competition.



Came when my daughter told my mom recently Actually Grandma I believe the Universe wants me to have all these things and is willing to deliver them to me easily”

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