Private Journal Entries I Have Never Shared Before…


What I loved the most about having a job was the guaranteed income. What I hated the most about having a job was ALSO the guaranteed income—-because that guarantee came at a price—MY FREEDOM/TIME and more limits to my earning potential than I care to remember.

For a long time though it served its purpose in my life making me feel like I could carry my weight and contribute financially to the household budget.  It felt so safe and responsible, and with kids being added to the picture I found myself more and more resigned the idea that this “set income” deal was my lot in life.

BUT, deep inside was a rebel wanting to be an Entrepreneur and shatter the limits to my income. And since I am a powerful manifestor my dreams to own my own business and create success quickly came through. I bought a Franchise business and quickly grew it to $1,000,000 in revenue which lead to being awarded the REGIS Franchisee of the Year.


Then came divorce, and all my money fearing demons that had lied dormant all my life suddenly surfaced and threatened to take the very life out of me. I couldn’t eat, sleep, think straight….I became consumed with worry about my financial future and my ability to survive and provide for myself independently. I had never had to do it before and was convinced that even with my past successes this was a feat that I would have to buckle to.

One day I realized I was worrying about a future condition that didn’t exist in my NOW, AND to make matters worse, by constantly feeding my thoughts with worry I was giving power to the very scenario I feared. I knew enough about the power of my thoughts to do better, and so I did.


Whenever  I had a fearful thought about money I would get my journal and write about /intend the total opposite! This simple step would totally shift me out of the doom and gloom thoughts and into creating a different possibility. My favorite money Mantra became “I can have MONEY and FREEDOM TOO”

Below is sample of my journal entries:



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