Are you ready to experience the magic and manifesting wonder when you combine Intention and Gratitude? I know the answer is YES!!!!!!!!! Then, Elites lets truly give it our all when we LIVE our beliefs this month!

As expert practitioners of the Science of Getting Rich, we have a deep appreciation for the absolute power of Gratitude as part of our creation and manifesting practice. In honor of Thanksgiving and to build on our Intention practice of last month, we will combine Gratitude and Intention and create a powerful Manifesting Ritual as part of our practice this month!
Getting into the FEELING of Gratitude

We attract our desires from our FEELINGS….we know this! As Abraham Hicks says “the vibrations [FEELINGS] you offer equal your asking, which equal your point of attraction”. The stronger, more intense and consistent your vibration/feeling the greater you are as a magnet to that which you have already created for yourself in the Universe. This process requires no REAL effort….its the easy and relaxed that we LOVE; as a magnet you are not TRYING to attract, by your feelings you just do! Your feelings create the magnetic pull of DESIRED or UNDESIRED to you.

Remember, like attracts like, for the next 28 days we are committing to becoming MAGNETS to our desires by having a mental “likeness” to them. What does that mean and how will it work? We will make this practice simple so that we can quickly see the results and make it into a HABIT for our lives.

Set 3 FEELING INTENTIONS……we are going right to the SOURCE of magnetism this month and setting FEELING Intentions. What feelings do you want to create? Make your Intentions affirmative so that they are stated as I am feeling RICH, I am feeling Loved, I am feeling like November was a huge success, or I am feeling in awe of easy and relaxed manifesting”. The key is to be very clear on how you want to FEEL and of course be WIDE open to how the Universe chooses to manifest bringing you that feeling. If you care to be more specific feel free to add WHY being in the feeling is important to you or preferred ways you wish the feeling manifested….so for example “I am feeling loved because my soul-mate has demonstrated his love for me in so many fun and unique ways” WRITE YOUR 3 Intentions on an index Card and place in a highly visible area (bathroom mirror, bedside table, office desk, car dashboard)
Journal in Gratitude—for the next 28 days you may add to or make your daily journaling dedicated to the GRATEFUL Thanksgiving for having manifested these feelings. To attract your desires you have to FEEL as if they are already yours….the easiest way to do this is to be grateful for what you want….BEFORE you receive it. To amplify and speed up your manifesting you may also include this gratitude for the feeling in your meditation practice. During a challenging period of my life when I wanted to change an outcome I meditated every morning in grateful thanksgiving for the feeling of peace. My mantra was “I am thankful for feeling Peace”…even though this was a future outcome I was seeking, I imprinted my subconscious with that feeling of peacefulness until I attracted the circumstance that lead to creating more peace in my life.
SHARE, SHARE, SHARE….. as you MANIFEST outcomes, circumstances, people,…..ANYTHING that leads to the NOW physical manifestation of your FEELINGS intention this month….SHARE!


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