The power of asking for what you want is THE most powerful business tip that I share. Unsurprisingly, this tip I give for supercharging your business is the same one for increasing your personal wealth and happiness. Ask boldly. Ask confidently. True power is asking for what you want!

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The Power of Asking For What You Want

The Power Of Asking For What You Want

Asking is the catalyst for manifesting everything we create. It is one of the first and most powerful steps to create the wealth and success you deserve. People will ask “How did you quadruple your business revenue within the past four years? What’s your secret???” The first question I have is “What specifically do you want…and have you asked for it?”


Why We Don’t Ask

If you look at all the things you have been putting off that can help you achieve success, don’t they all have one thing in common? You haven’t asked for something. A referral. A proposal. A call-back. You haven’t used your power to ask! Typically, there are really only two reasons why people don’t ask:


  • out of fear, or
  • out of a lack of confidence

Thankfully, the solution lies within one crucial belief: the universe wants you to succeed. And you have been given the power to ask for that success.


Why fear to ask for something now that you know the ultimate desired outcome is your happiness? Why lack when the creator of all things wants you to be happy. The consciousness that is responsible for creating galaxies, mountains, oceans, and even the blood coursing through your veins right now…wants you to have it all. There is nothing that you can ask for that is too great. But you have to ask.

How To Ask

The power of asking for what you want is all about having clear thoughts with intention and purpose; visualizing and holding on to the image of success. The most important part, however, is your whole-hearted belief and constant thoughts of intention!


Whatever helps you to crystallize your image of success is the right way to ask. For me, its journalling. I write out a description of what I desire as if it has already happened. Realizing that this is my ASK (my request) that is being sent to the Universe to deliver it back in my reality. If journaling isn’t your thing, no problem. As long as you are consistent, hold the image throughout the day, and stay rooted in the abundance and joy of your future success and really ask for what you want…you’re doing it the right way. Remember, it’s not important on focusing on “how” things will come to be. It’s all about thinking about what it is you want to manifest with belief and purpose!

What To Expect When You Ask

I have found that when I ask the universe for what I want, there are only three responses:

  1. Yes
  2. Not right now
  3. Here’s something better

Now that I know and believe that the universe wants me to have all that I desire, I am free of the worst part of asking: hearing “NO!” I am completely able to concentrate on manifesting wealth and abundance.

This is where it is important to watch for undisputable evidence that the universe is responding abundantly.

What Evidence Will Look Like

Many times, that evidence may show you an immediate and blatant “Yes!” You ask for more speaking opportunities and then get an e-mail the next day asking you to speak at a conference. Ask and receive!

Maybe a series of events have to be put in motion that takes time to fully manifest. You ask and don’t see anything happen immediately, but you stay the course and journal and visualize and meditate each day. Then, maybe when you think back in a few months time, you can see all of the seemingly unconnected events weaving together to create the success you asked for. Revenue has doubled. You’re traveling more and have richer experiences. You just can’t put your finger on what happened. YOU ASKED!


And sometimes, and this is my absolute favorite, sometimes the universe will provide you with wealth and abundance that exceeds your wildest dreams! A windfall inheritance. A major corporation signs on to be your client. An inbox full of referrals for your business that came out of nowhere. Those are my absolute favorites: when I dream and visualize and ask as big as I can imagine…only to have the universe respond with something even better!


If you want to manifest abundance, supercharge your business, and fulfill your wildest dreams personally and professionally, it all starts with one simple step: ASK!



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