People always want to find ways to increase their income. I was looking my own journey and realized that there are things that I have been doing that have helped grow my income. And since it is a responsibility of those who know to share with those who want to know, here are my top 3 ways to increase your earning potential.


1) Don’t focus on the money


I know it may seem counterintuitive and illogical, but the first way to increase your income is to not focus on money. It’s not about picking up more hours, finding a part-time job, or working harder. It’s about experiencing and remaining in a high vibration today in order to create and attract wealth.


Rather than focusing on the money, focus on what you want to DO with the money once you get it. To do this, ask yourself:


  • What do I want this additional money to do for me?
  • Why do I want to increase my income?
  • How will this additional income make me feel when I receive it?


When you really take a moment to reflect on what your true desire is behind receiving additional money…THAT’S when you tap into the desire. THAT’s when the abundance comes and then flows!


A few years ago, I had a client who communicated she wanted to increase her income by getting more clients, something that every entrepreneur and business owner can appreciate.

When I asked her why she wanted the exact number of clients she wanted and what she wanted to do with the money, she totally froze. After sitting in silence for a good 60 seconds, she finally communicated she wanted the additional pay to take her immediate family to a family reunion. So we worked on that. She put all the energy toward the desired outcome and was able to take her immediate family to the reunion with everything paid in full.


2. Choose Team Lack or Team Abundance



When it comes down to it, there are only two camps or schools of thought when it comes to wealth: Team Abundance and Team Lack. The second way to supercharged manifesting and increasing your income is to choose the right team – Team Abundance.


Making a commitment to thinking, speaking, acting, and viewing everything from the perspective of abundance is vital to increasing income. Abundance is about how you feel, what you are grateful for and what you experience. Fixating on what you don’t have, can’t afford, or may lose is not going to help improve your income. It also doesn’t reflect positively on all of the things you DO have.


In order to vibrate on a higher frequency, concentrate on abundance and gratitude for what you have right now. There is never a shortage of things to be grateful for and holding on to that vibration is what will attract and create more abundance and the additional income comes along with it! Constantly reminding yourself of your commitment to Team Abundance is another way to build the income you want and deserve! If you haven’t already, I recommend reading my article on how to expand your capacity to receive abundance, too.

3. Love and Gratitude For Your Income




The third way, which has been the largest contributor to increasing my own income, is practicing gratitude for the source of your income.


Recently, I deposited the largest paycheck I ever paid to myself. I took a picture of it, drew hearts around it, and sent it to my business partner. We shared all this love, appreciation, and energy for this incredible business; this huge container that abundance flows into. However, it also made me remember other times I just deposited a check and kept going and not stopping and saying ‘thank you!’


If you want it to increase, you must constantly express love and gratitude for the source of your income. Instead of asking “what can I do to improve my business and clients?” start asking yourself “how much time have I spent being thankful for the income I do have?” This is said with love and with zero judgment, it’s just an awareness…but how can we attract more money, if we are not expressing gratitude for the wealth we already have? Remember…where there’s no appreciation, there’s no expansion.


So if you want to create additional income, focus on the image of what you will do with that money, choose Team Abundance, and feverishly practice expressing gratitude and love for the source of your income today!


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