Take the Lid off Your Success- SuperCharged Manifesting Monday. Join our 5 Day Align to Success Masterclass — www.aligntosuccess.com

Take the Lid off Your Success- SuperCharged Manifesting Monday. Join our 5 Day Align to Success Masterclass — www.aligntosuccess.com

Posted by Tasha Powell Chen on Monday, April 30, 2018

Success And The Lids We Put on It

An essential part of manifesting success is identifying conscious and unconscious limitations — or lids — we put on ourselves. These lids keep lack, loss, and negativity in while preventing the flow of abundance from coming into our lives. In order to open our containers of abundance up to even more success, it is important to do some real introspection.


The Tip Jar

Recently, I visited Costa Rica and found a great little bistro with excellent food and fantastic service. Now the way they do it in Costa Rica, they included the gratuity along with the bill. However, I was so blown away by my experience I wanted to leave a little something extra for the wait staff. I went to pay my bill and on the counter, they had a tip jar that had a lid on it. I thought “why would anyone put a lid on a jar for tips?” This got me thinking about how we put lids on our own success both consciously and unconsciously.

So why do we put lids on our own success? Doesn’t everyone want to be successful? A number of years ago, a good friend of mine shared that she was scared to succeed. This was a woman who I admired and respected who I wouldn’t have thought would be scared of success. However, what she communicated was a conscious fear of success that stemmed from guilt. She lost her father, had an older male sibling and was consciously aware of how she was blocking her success. She would feel guilty if she became more successful than her brother and it created a lid.


At the time, I was compassionate to her situation, but because I couldn’t understand how someone could be scared to succeed, especially someone who I felt was a success, it was hard to be empathetic. How could someone put a lid on his or her own success?


Looking In The Mirror

It wasn’t until I recognized the “lids” I was putting on my own success that I realized just how important it is to find the things that were holding me back. After leaving a well-paying career that wasn’t making me happy, I decided to pursue what I always wanted to do in life: to own my own business. My new definition of success became being able to do what I want when I wanted, and who I wanted to do it with. However, I ended up realizing I wasn’t successful because of the need to have the approval of everyone in my life in order to pursue this new venture.


Although a “lid” can be any negative thought that works to destroy your success from within, the following are the most common things that block success and abundant living that I come across in my coaching sessions with people just like you who want to be successful and manifest abundance.

1) Procrastination


There’s no way around it. Procrastination equals success sabotage. This was actually me every day and every week. I thought of any and everything I had to do to avoid doing what was necessary to become successful. Avoiding doing the things required to achieve your dreams is going to produce a lid over your success.

2) Hiding and Playing Small


Knowing that you have a big message to share but you would rather play things small will instantly put a lid on your success. You have something bigger and larger than life to share, but maybe you tell yourself like I told myself for years. “I am shy and an only child.” Removing the lid of playing things small will allow big things to flow into your life. I may be shy as I can be, but my mission is bigger than my excuses.


3) Saying “I can’t”


For years I told myself a list of things I couldn’t do. Doing so was unconsciously putting a lid on being successful. “I cant do Facebook Live. I’m gonna fumble and I don’t know technology. I can’t…I can’t…I can’t. One day, I said it so much that I had to look in the mirror and ask

  • “How are you stopping yourself from succeeding?
  • What are the things you are saying and doing that are blocking your success?”

Nobody who ever achieved success ever did so by telling themselves “I can’t.” It’s a thought and vibration that will definitely put a lid on your success moving forward.

4) Giving into fears


Many times, giving into fears can block your success. Sometimes we fear what may happen if we try, or fear what will people think if we try something new. But many times we don’t even stop and challenge these fears. Sometimes we don’t even ask “is this fear even real?” Taking a good, hard look in the mirror and facing your fears will help you blow the lid right off!


5) Resentment and stress


Resentment and stress about what it is you have to do to have success instantly and permanently blocks your success. If the thing that is going to create success is making you feel miserable, why would success be attracted your way? Why would the universe or creator of all things send you success when you constantly resent your job or your career?

Whatever “lid” you have that is preventing you from being successful, the way to blow the lid off of your success is gratitude.

Blow The Lid Off!

Now that you have identified your lid, shift in thought to the energy of gratitude. Nothing has changed about the circumstances or the things you have to do. However, shifting your energy to what you are grateful for allows the universe to send you more abundance.

Tell yourself you are grateful to have the business that you have, and the tasks that are necessary to be successful. Tell yourself how grateful you are to have a job to go to every morning that provides income for you and your family. The power of gratitude is the key to get your success flowing again. If you need a little inspiration, here is a great blog on how to expand your capacity to receive abundance!

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